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These Terms of use are valid between TopMeteo Ltd., Folly Bridge Court, Shirelake Close 6, OX1 1SW Oxford, United Kingdom (in short TopMeteo) and you as the user.

TopMeteo sells products for analysis and forecast of the atmospheric state, herein named as "products". The user has the right to access the provided products for personal, non-commercial purposes only and is allowed to store related content temporarily into the memory of his computer device. He may make a hard copy for his own private information. An automated download of any product is prohibited. The user has to assure that his username and password remain secret and are not accessible by third party persons. For any other scenarios of use of the products the user has to have obtained our express written consent (which may be withdrawn at any time). TopMeteo will withdraw the users access to the products without notice in case of misuse or the suspicion hereof.

Mostly all products are created automatically and at state of the scientific and technical knowledge. It will be designated if products are created manually. Due to the inherent complexity of weather analysis and forecasting neither automatically nor manually created products claim to be correct. TopMeteo does not guarantee for correctness, completeness, reliability and actuality of the products as well as usefulness for the user. Manually created products may be delayed or, with previous announcement, be omitted. A liability claim against TopMeteo due to using products or due to non-availability of products is excluded and no rights for compensation can be claimed. TopMeteo excludes any liabilty and warranty for its products and is not liable for indemnity.

TopMeteo is not a meteorological service as part of air navigation services as defined by SES regulations or other similar legal rules and does not provide aircraft with meteorological forecasts, briefs and observations as well as any other meteorological information and data provided by States for aeronautical use. The products are not designed for warning purposes for hazardous weather of any kind.

TopMeteo is committed to protecting your privacy. No personal data are given to other third parties or persons.

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