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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

New to TopMeteo?


In order to be able to use TopMeteo properly, you should be registered. Registration is free of charge and completely free of obligation. To do this, enter a user name and you will then receive an email containing your personal password.

Registration is required if you wish to purchase a subscription or use products which are only visible after logging in.

I have registered. What now?

You can already view some free products. To do this, click, for example, on one of the green squares under Aircraft - Charts.

Naturally, only a few of our products are free. For a substantial weather briefing, you need access to all our products. For this purpose, we offer a selection of subscriptions. These are in the form of flat rates, which are provided with the following periods:

  • 1 year
  • 2 weeks
  • 3 days

You will find an overview of our subscriptions under Prices.

Purchasing a subscription

What subscriptions are available?

You will find an overview of our subscriptions under Prices.

How can I purchase a subscription?
  • Register free of charge with no obligation
  • Log in with your user data, which has been sent to you by email on your registration
  • Select a subscription in our Store
  • Conveniently pay by creditcard, Paypal or direct debit (German bank account)

Help on our weather products

First steps

To obtain an introduction to the weather briefing procedure, please carefully read our briefing instructions:

Where can I find descriptions of the contents of the charts?

You will find the descriptions of the contents of the charts after the information links next to the chart names. These descriptions are PDF documents containing detailed information on the corresponding charts.

PDF info

How do I select the type of chart, forecast region and/or time?

Example Aircraft - Charts

Example image green matrix

You will see two areas with coloured squares (green and blue). The squares are clickable and provide simple and fast navigation.

Use the green navigation (left side) to select the time and product, and the blue navigation (right side) to select the day and region.

My Account

I canít change my password

Visit the Change Password page

My Start Page

You are free to select which start page is displayed after successfully logging in. For this purpose, please determine you own personal Start Page, such as Site Forecast - Aircraft.

Terminating an annual subscription

If you do not want to renew your annual subscription, you do not need to do anything. The subscription is not automatically renewed.

TopMeteo Vouchers

I have a TopMeteo voucher. How can I redeem it?

To redeem a voucher, please register. If you are already a customer, please log in before redeeming the voucher.

Your voucher code begins with the letter A, B or C. You can redeem it here.

Your voucher code begins with the letter D or E. In this case, you have a discount voucher. Please redeem it when purchasing a subscription in our Store.


I can see almost only yellow squares, even though I have a current subscription

Yellow squares in the matrix depict chargeable products. If you have a current subscription at least 50% of the square must be coloured in green.

Cause Solution
You are not logged in Log in again
Your subscription has expired Renew your subscription
The charts are no longer displayed, everything else looks normal

If the charts (images) are blocked, the reason may be your virus protection program. Kaspersky, in particular, can cause problems in this regard. Enter TopMeteo in your protection program settings as an exception

When printing the charts, everything except the actual chart is printed

Change the settings in the print preview in your browser. There you have to tick the checkboxes.
Printing charts

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