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About us

Weather is the most popular subject for discussion. Remarks about the weather have been known to keep small talk going, to fill conversational lulls and to bring people closer together. For us the weather is a big challenge, one we face every day and one we've devoted our lives to. We think it's fun to work in this area and to turn our ideas into reality.


We at TopMeteo are involved with the weather since many years. We say that the atmosphere has become our second home. Firstly, because we deal day in and day out with weather forecasts "from afar" as certified meterologists. And secondly, because we are pilots ourselves and are only too happy to get a close look at what we're reporting. Flying gives us a completely different perspective on weather-related processes – something that non-flying meterologists can never have. We are very close to the weather and put our experience into our own weather simulation model.

The Team

Our team consists of certified meterologists, mathematicians and technical personnel. We rely on our own weather simulation model, which is embedded in the world's best current weather model, the Global Forecast System, of the USA. Many years of experience in modeling, software development and statistics and meterological media make up the foundation for our development and offering of innovative solutions in the areas of flight meterology and wind power.

Our Vision

Preparation, visualization and operational availability of weather information that EVERYONE understands.

TopMeteo – professional weather info from pilots for pilots!

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